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Before I became a Business Coach, at the ripe age of 13 I started my first business and since then, I have consistently looked for that next venture to get involved with. I love to build a company and see it grow into unlimited possibilities. I pull from the experiences and the times in my life that there were no options until I created or paved the way for them. Think about trying to get into business at the age of 13. Crazy to think about it even myself! So many challenges such as no drivers license, no vehicle, no bank account, and limited time outside school activities.

Well, in less than a year I obtained a license to drive by going before a judge and pleading for permission, bought my first vehicle, opened a checking account, and made a schedule to keep my school obligations in check and grow my new found venture. These were all things that everyone at the time said I couldn’t do, much less start a company. Fun times no doubt! Over the years when I run into the roadblocks and challenges from the normal person saying it can’t be done I just remind myself that this is the reason I am a coach today. If a 13 year old can figure it out before the internet, cell phones, and all the opportunities we have access to today then there is nothing impossible for me or my clients.

I have since started, built, sold, closed, and maintained multiple companies in various industries. I’ve known success and I’ve known failure. You may have heard there is no such thing as failure, if you learn from your mistakes. I assure you failure is not fun and is just as real as success. Getting me as a coach will give you a luxury I didn’t always have. Having me as a coach will allow you to thrive through my failures, my successes, my stories, my life, and my desire to see you grow no matter what stage of business or life you are in.

"We Rise By Lifting Others..."

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